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2017 Fell Champs

So, forget the road 10k, long, and parkrun series, this is the list of races I know you've all been waiting for, the 2017 fell championship races!

Fell champs in 2017 sees a few small changes compared to 2016

In total there are 24 races available to score points (to allow individuals lots of flexibility in which races they enter, and 5 of the races are midweek).
Individual's 6 best scores will count for the fell champs.
Individuals need at least one long, one medium, and one short counter, with no more than 3 counters in any single category i.e. either a 3-2-1 split or a 2-2-2 split.
There will be NO bonus points for doing extra races - the incentive to do more than 6 races is to improve your counter scores.

The top 4 males and females in the standings will form the Hodgson Brothers relay team with the aim of entering a 'competitive' team in the Mixed category. But with the proviso that the 4th place male or female has to have a 'similar' number of counters to the 5th place female or male - in my mind on the basis of this year the 4th place male or female will need to have at least 5 counters.
Scores will be calculated by expressing an individual's time as a percentage of the winner's time - female's scores will be based on the female winner's time. So if you win a race you get 100 points; if you take twice as long as the winner you get 50 points; one and a half times the winners times 67 points; one and a third times the winner's time 75 points etc.

Juniors who can only run short races can have up to 6 short counters to obtain an overall score to count towards qualfying for the Hodgson Brothers relay (eligible to run Leg 1) BUT not to count towards the overall championship.

The races have been selected to give a fairly even spread from January to September with May to August having the most races. I wanted to include at least one new race in each category (there are 5 new races altogether - listed in capitals below). Rather than simply adding extra races to this year's list, I have dropped a few races for next year. I looked at participation at each race this year in deciding which races to reinclude next year but I apologise if someone's favourite race has been dropped. Wasdale and Borrowdale are included as Longs but the other Lakeland Classic races won't count this year.


Sun 19 Mar Carrock Fell
Wed 5 Apr Grisedale Grind
Wed 19 April Loughrigg
Wed 10 May Cautley Horseshoe
Sat 26 Aug Dufton or Arnison Crag (an opportunity to double up!)
Sun 27 Aug GRASMERE SPORTS (included as it is possibly the most iconic short fell race in the calendar)
Sat 23 Sep Orton


Sun 1 Jan Nine Standards
Sat 25 Feb High Cup Nick
Sat 13 May Fairfield
Sat 17 June Tebay
Sun 16 July Kentmere
Wed 26 July Fellside
Sat 2 Sep Grisedale


Sun 28 May Helvellyn and the Dodds
Sun 4 June THE YOMP
Sun 11 June Howtown
Sat 8 July Wasdale
Sat 5 Aug Borrowdale
Sun 20 Aug Sedbergh Hills

Some of the races require preentry (Tebay and Wasdale are British and English counters) so I will try and let people know when entries open.

Have fun!

you can find more info about each race on the



Fell Running Captain Jon Tombs

Fell Running Championship 2017
Date Event Location
1/1 Med Nine Standards  
25/2 Med High Cup Nick  
11/3 Med Black Combe  
19/3 Sho Carrock fell  
5/4 Sho Grisedale grind  
19/4 Sho Loughrigg  
10/5 Sho Cautley horseshoe  
13/5 Med Fairfield  
28/ 5 Long Helvellyn and the Dodds  
4/ 6 Long The Yomp  
11 / 6 Long Howtown  
17/6 Med Tebay  
21/6 Sho Langstrath  
8/7 Long Wasdale  
16 / 7 Med Kentmere  
22/7 Long Old Crown Round  
26/7 Med Felllside  
5 / 8 Long Borrowdale  
20/ 8 Long Sedbergh hills  
26/8 Sho Dufton or Arnison Crag  
27/8 Sho Grasmere Sports  
2/9 Med Grisedale  
23/9 Sho Orton  

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Eden Runners – Road Race Championships 2011


There will be 9 races in the series. You can run as many, or as few, as you wish. The more you run in, the more points you will obtain..

The Ladies’ and Men’s Championships are scored separately. So at the end of the series, there will (hopefully) be a Men’s Champion, and a Ladies Champion.

So to take an example, let’s look at Runaround Sue. She turns up for the Wesham 10k in Nov. She is a fully paid up member of Eden Runners, and has remembered to bring her green and blue ER vest. Some of her club team mates have turned up too, there are 8 blokes and 6 lasses. Sue has a stormer of a race, and finishes impressively in 48.27, a good 53 seconds faster than the time she ran at the Richmand Castle 10k in Oct. She was 3rd female Eden Runner to finish. All of her team-mates manage to finish in one piece. Fortunately, she has brought a calculator to work out how many points she’s got from the race:

Completing the race – 5 points.
PB Points – 15 points
Place points – 4 points. (6 female ER finishers – 6 points for 1st place, 5 for 2nd, so Sue gets 4 points for 3rd)

So Sue wins 24 points from this race (5+15+4)

Some important points though:

Points awarded will be based on OFFICIAL RESULTS ONLY – it doesn’t matter what your own stopwatch says.
Club vests MUST be worn.
Only fully paid-up members can take part in the Club Championships.

After 14 Events