Penrith Athletes are going from strength to strength.

Eden Runners Juniors are half way through the Cumbria Track League this year – 2 events in and 2 more to go.  We have had 20 members taking part in the Track & Field Event’s at Carlisle Sheepmount Stadium on 24th April and 29th May 2010. 

The Cumbria Track League is a fantastic introduction for members from the age of 8 upwards to compete against other children in their age group, across 8 other Athletic Clubs in Cumbria.  It is done in a competitive but fun environment where each child can better their time or distance at each event and compete against others.  The Events include Short, Long distance & Relay Running, Long jump, High Jump, Shot, Discus and Javelin.

Eden Runners Juniors have had 12 results in the Top 5 positions on 24th April.

Results: Four 1st places - U11 70m Sprint - Ellena Hayhurst, U11 Long Jump - Ellena Hayhurst, U13 Javelin - Emma Peacock, U13 80m Sprint - Broghan Wilson. Two 2nd places - U15 200m - Megan Bates, U15 High Jump - Alice McKillop. Three 3rd places - U13 Discus - Emma Peacock, U13 Javelin - Emily Petrie, U13 100m - Megan Bates. One 4th place - U13 Long Jump - Ellen Elliott. Two 5th places - U13 800m Ellen Elliott, U15 High Jump - Clare Petrie.

On the 29th May, Eden Runners Juniors had 19 results in the top 5 positions.  Results: Five 1st places - U11 70m Sprint - Ellena Hayhurst, U11 Long Jump - Ellena Hayhurst, U13 Long Jump - Broghan Wilson, U13 80m Sprint - Broghan Wilson, U15 javelin - Emily Heaviside.  Three 2nd places - U11 High Jump - Ellena Hayhurst, U13 150m -  Broghan Wilson, U13 80m - Mark Pinguey. Four 3rd places - U11 High Jump - Esme Davies, U13 Javelin - Emma Peacock, U13 High Jump - Emily Petrie, U13 Long Jump - Mark Pinguey. Two 4th places - U11 High Jump - Louis Simpson, U13 150m - Mark Pinguey. Five 5th places - U11 High Jump - Jane Brass, U13 Long Jump & Discus - Emma Peacock, U13 javelin - Emily Petrie, U15 High Jump - Clare Petrie.

Other Competitors were: U11 - Tom Humphries, Riley Moffat & Poppy Scholefield. U13 - Ceri Sargent, Olivia Simpson & Esther Moffat. U15 – Tiffany Heaviside.

A full set of results are available on the Eden Runner Website

We have had 4 Club Records broken and 11 Personal Best records have been achieved. Ellena Hayhurst broke the U11 girls 70m sprint (10.6secs) record held by Megan Bates in 2007 and Megan Bates broke the U15 girls 100m and 200m records with 13.8secs and 27.9secs. Emily Heaviside broke the U15 girls Javelin record from Lorna Johnston in 2007 (19.1m) and Emily threw 22.36m.

Personal Best Records achieved are Ellena Hayhurst 70m in 10.6secs and Long Jump 3.56m, Emma Peacock Javelin 14.65m and Long Jump 3.72m, Ellen Elliott Long Jump 3.7m and 800m in 3.04mins, Olivia Simpson Long Jump 2.9m, Clare Petrie High Jump 1.2m and Long Jump 3.34m, Emily Heaviside Javelin 22.36m and Tiffany Heaviside 1500m in 5.49mins.

The next Cumbria Track League Event will be at the Copeland Stadium, Whitehaven on the 17th July. All Eden Runner Juniors can compete at these events, whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete.  Please contact Eden Runner’s Track & Field Manager Anthea Hayhurst at the club on practise nights.