Cumbria League Meetings - Order of Events
Field Events Commence at 12:00 PM Track Events Commence at 1:00 PM
Track Events
1 150m U13 Boys 36 800m/1500m U15 Boys
2 150m U13 Girls 37 800m/1500m U15 Girls
3 200m U15 Boys 38 800m/1500m U17 Men
4 200m U15 Girls 39 800m/1500m U17 Women
5 200m U17 Men 40 800m/1500m U20 Men
6 200m U17 Women 41 800m/1500m U20 Women
7 200m U20 Men 42 70m U11 Boys Final
8 200m U20 Women 43 70m U11 Girls Final
9 800m U13 Boys 44 80m U13 Boys Final
10 800m U13 Girls 45 80m U13 Girls Final
11 70m U11 Boys 46 100m U15 Boys Final
12 70m U11 Girls 47 100m U15 Girls Final
13 80m U13 Boys 48 100m U17 Men Final
14 80m U13 Girls 49 100m U17 Women Final
15 100m U15 Boys 50 100m U20 Men Final
16 100m U15 Girls 51 100m U20 Women Final
17 100m U17 Men
18 100m U17 Women
19 100m U20 Men Events 36 to 41
20 100m U20 Women 1st and 3rd meeting 800m
21 400m U15 Boys 2nd and 4th meeting 1500m
22 400m U17 Men
23 400m U20 Men
24 400m U20 Women
25 300m U17 Women
26 600m U11 Boys 52 Relay U11 Boys
27 600m U11 Girls 53 Relay U11 Girls
28 150m U13 Boys Final 54 Relay U13 Boys
29 150m U13 Girls Final 55 Relay U13 Girls
30 200m U15 Boys Final 56 Relay U15 Boys
31 200m U15 Girls Final 57 Relay U15 Girls
32 200m U17 Men Final 58 Relay U17 Men
33 200m U17 Women Final 59 Relay U17 Women
34 200m U20 Men Final 60 Relay U20 Men
35 200m U20 Women Final 61 Relay U20 Women
Field Events
Long Jump U11 Boys/Girls...U13 Boys/Girls...U15 Boys/Girls...U17 & U20 Men/Women
High Jump U17 & U20 Men/Women….U15 Boys/Girls…U13 Boys and Girls
U11 Boys/Girls
Triple Jump U15 & U17 & U20 Boys/Men
Shot U17 & U20 Men/Women….U13 Boys/Girls…U15 Boys/Girls
Discus U15 Boys/Girls….U17 & U20 Men/Women….U13 Boys/Girls
Javelin U13 Boys/Girls….U17 & U20 Men/Women….U15 Boys/Girls
Each athlete is allowed to compete in a maximum of three events plus a relay
Athletes are only allowed to compete in their own age group in relays
When available, the results for the Cumbria League will be posted on the Athletics Cumbria Web Site