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2020 Eden Runners Fell Championships

I have introduced or reintroduced some new races for next year so of the 15 races in total 9 are different to this year, but I have retained 6 races which are always popular and well attended by Eden Runners. Four of the races are midweek. In picking the races I have tried to get an even spread over the first 9 months of the year ahead of relay season in October. I will shortly send a list of other notable dates.

Following the same format as this year, in 2020 there will be a "Main Champs" consisting of 6 races (all different to last year) - 2 'Short', 2 'Medium', and 2 'Long'. Your best 4 counters will score, but you have to do at least one of each distance i.e. your 4 races can't be just the 2 short and 2 medium races with no long counter. Scores will be calculated as a percentage of the overall winners time - calculated separately for males and females. This "Main Champs" will determine the male and female Club Fell Running Champions. Prizes will be awarded to Overall 1-2-3 male and females. Also there will be male and female vet category prizes for V40/50/60 awarded to the highest placed vets not in the overall top 1-2-3.

There will also be 3 "Sub Champs" - short, medium, and long.

In each category there are three races IN ADDITION to the 2 races in each category in the Main Champs i.e. 5 short, 5 medium, 5 long races in total.
In each of these Sub Champs your best 3 counters will score i.e. if you do the 2 main champs races in a category, you only need to do 1 of the additional three sub champs races in that category. If you do just 1 of the main champs races in a category, you need to do 2 of the additional 3 races in that category. If you do none of the Main Champs races you can still do the other 3 races in a category to get a score. Scores will be calculated as a percentage of the overall winners time - calculated separately for males and females. Prizes will go to the top runner in each Sub Champs who hasn't already won an overall or vets Main Champs prize. There will be no vet prizes for the sub champs.

This format is aimed at having a focused main Club Fell Champs series of races but still allowing plenty of opportunity and flexibility for getting out and racing in a club competition context. You may choose to focus on the Main Champs or to target a particular distance. To score across all 4 champs you would need to do 9 of the 15 races.

Jon Tombs
Main Champs Arnison Dash Coledale Helvellyn and The Dodds
Main Champs Steel Fell Fellside Sedbergh Hills
Sub Champs Clough Head High Cup Nick The Yomp
Sub Champs Grisedale Grind Coniston Wasdale
Sub Champs Shipman Knott Grisedale Horseshoe Three Shires
Jan 11th Clough Head    
Feb   22nd High Cup Nick  
Mar   28th Coledale Horseshoe  
Apr 15th Grisedale Grind    
May   2nd Coniston 24th Helvellyn and the Dodds
Jun 28th Arnison Dash   7th The Yomp
Jul   22nd Fellside 11th Wasdale
Aug 5th Steel Fell   16th Sedbergh Hills
  25th Shipman Knotts    
Sep   5th Grisedale  19th Three Shires

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Fell Training sessions - every Monday evening - usual start time 6.30pm - details on Club facebook page...


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Eden Runners – Road Race Championships 2011


There will be 9 races in the series. You can run as many, or as few, as you wish. The more you run in, the more points you will obtain..

The Ladies’ and Men’s Championships are scored separately. So at the end of the series, there will (hopefully) be a Men’s Champion, and a Ladies Champion.

So to take an example, let’s look at Runaround Sue. She turns up for the Wesham 10k in Nov. She is a fully paid up member of Eden Runners, and has remembered to bring her green and blue ER vest. Some of her club team mates have turned up too, there are 8 blokes and 6 lasses. Sue has a stormer of a race, and finishes impressively in 48.27, a good 53 seconds faster than the time she ran at the Richmand Castle 10k in Oct. She was 3rd female Eden Runner to finish. All of her team-mates manage to finish in one piece. Fortunately, she has brought a calculator to work out how many points she’s got from the race:

Completing the race – 5 points.
PB Points – 15 points
Place points – 4 points. (6 female ER finishers – 6 points for 1st place, 5 for 2nd, so Sue gets 4 points for 3rd)

So Sue wins 24 points from this race (5+15+4)

Some important points though:

Points awarded will be based on OFFICIAL RESULTS ONLY – it doesn’t matter what your own stopwatch says.
Club vests MUST be worn.
Only fully paid-up members can take part in the Club Championships.

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